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Rules & Regulations


  1. Only those applications of the candidates who fulfill minimum qualification and requirement as laid down for the registration will be accepted.
  2. Registration of the candidates for admission in the school, does not in itself entitle a candidate to be considered for the admission.
  3. Admission for the registered and qualified candidate shall be accepted only after the submission of the original school leaving certificate / Transfer Certificate. Also, original Birth Certificate is essentially required to get admission into 1st standard or below.
  4. If found, at any later date that any of the information furnished by the parent / guardian in the application form is false, the institute will have the right to cancel the admission at any stage and forfeit the fees / deposits.
  5. In the matter of the admission, the decision of the management/selection committee shall be final and binding on all the concerned parents / guardians.
  6. Fee once paid is neither transferred nor refunded under any circumstance.
  7. Fee is subjected to change without prior notice.
  8. Management reserves right to accept or reject any application /registration at any time without assigning any reason.


  1. The student should follow general timetable of the institution and latecomer will be marked absent for the particular day. Attendance in the test and examination and dress code for student is compulsory.
  2. Misconduct of students during tests or examination will be a disqualification and such students will not be permitted to attend the remaining test / examination.
  3. The student is not permitted to wear expensive watches, jewellery or carry electronic gadgets like mobiles, iPods or any other valuable articles. The institution will not be responsible for the loss of the article if kept with them concealed.
  4. A student during his stay in the campus or while travelling by school bus, if he falls sick or meets with any accident, the institute will provide him the available possible medical treatment, care and attention. But in spite of that if anything adverse happens to him including loss or damage of temporary or permanent nature consequently, the institute is in no way responsible for the same.
  5. Parents desirous of meeting the teacher or their ward shall do so during the hour specified by the school / management only with the prior permission of the competent authority.
  6. Parents’ attendance at the parents’ teacher meeting is compulsory. Parents should collect the progress report of their children on the date specified in the school calendar.
  7. Valuable suggestions of the parents for holistic development of their son or HPS are welcome and can be dropped in suggestion box kept for the purpose.
  8. Terms and conditions will be reviewed from time to time and is binding on the students.


  1. Application for the transfer certificate will be accepted only up to 10th April every year. Thereafter transfer certificate can be issued only on authenticated ground and merit of the year.
  2. The head of the institute reserves the absolute right at his discretion to take strict action or, in case, cancel the registration of any student from the roll of the school without giving any prior notice, if he is not set with academic progress, general discipline and ethical cooperation to HPS and / or for any of the following reasons.
    1. Failing in the same class during the course of his study in the school.
    2. Use of harsh / vulgar language, quarrelling, not sincere in studies, involved in theft, reading disgusting literature, involving in the disgusting talks or writing, consumption of intoxicating things, damaging school property or any king of indecent activity within the premises of HPS.
    3. Indulgence in adapting unfair means in test and examinations.
    4. Parents found interfering directly or indirectly with the administration of the institution.
    5. Failing to pay the fees in time.